"Our Hazel (Marday’s Jingle Bell Rockette) is just over a year old in this photograph. She lives with my sister and I and my husband, Michael. Hazel is PERFECT and she came to us at 10 weeks from Marday Kennels. We had nothing whatsoever to do with her perfection. It is all Dayle! Hazel is a fully functioning medical alert service animal and the center of our universe. She is smart, friendly, funny and beautiful. We feel so lucky to share our lives with Hazel. We love her so much!!!"

"I made a wonderful choice in selecting my puppy from Marday Kennel. Dayle and Mark raise remarkable Lowchen in their home. All the puppies are exposed to the world through socialization and various stimulations. As a result, Nikka is a fearless, friendly joy, and is loved by all she encounters. She was the youngest in her class to pass the Canine Good Citizen test. Dayle is supportive and able to offer all the guidance anyone could hope for. These Lowchen puppies are wonderful gift to their owners." "From the very start, Dayle was very responsive and very helpful. We could tell how much she cared for her puppies, particularly from how much she wanted to learn about us, our family, and our home to make sure that the puppy will be well cared for. Throughout the process, Dayle was always there! She is very prompt in answering our many questions. And there is no such thing as a silly puppy question. From how to house train, what the recipe is for a nutritious meal (thanks to Dayle’s husband Mark with that too), when the best time to do shots, spay, get anti rabies, what shampoo to use, good puppy treats, nipping solution…all questions are welcome, and she is so knowledgeable that she always provides useful and valuable answers to everything. She definitely has provided us a lot of guidance and continues to do so. We emailed her almost weekly at the start to get tips and to update her on our puppy’s progress. And she is like family, always happy to hear from us! Our puppy, Harley maybe growing fast, but still not as fast as how we’ve bonded with Dayle! She is such a treasure that we are happy to call 'fam'."
-Elaine, SC -Katrina

"My wife and I were introduced to Dayle through our parents who had already adopted 2 Lowchen with whom my wife fell in love. Dayle prepared us for the adoption process, providing critical information and encouraging words for the 'new parents to be.' When we met Dayle and our little girl, we were overjoyed. It wasn't long before Chao Kuai had completely stolen our hearts. It is hard now to imagine life before our little bundle of joy and enthusiasm came into it. Thanks, Dayle for providing such a precious gift and continuing to provide informative support through our growing process!" "Dayle has been the perfect breeder, advisor, and friend for Gigi and me in our search for the "perfect dog." Having no experience with Lowchen, we found Dayle to be responsive, informative, and reassuring. However, the most important part of our relationship in working with Dayle was trust. From our first interactions by email and phone as well as our conversations with others who have one or more of her pups, we were confident that she was as committed as we were to the best temperamental fit for our family. And Molly is truly our perfect dog. She's lively, funny, affectionate, smart and afraid of nothing! Molly loves everyone she meets and the feeling is usually reciprocated. She is everything Dayle said she would be and our trust in Dayle is rewarded every minute of every day."
-Kelly & JuAnne, FL -Peter and Gigi Wynnewood, PA

"Langston has been such a wonderful addition to our family! We appreciate the care that you take in raising and nurturing healthy and happy Lowchen puppies! You took the time to prepare us, as first time dog owners, for what expect in bringing a puppy into our home and shared your expertise in grooming, nutrition,etc. Thank you for always making yourself available to answer any questions we might have. You made the transition of bringing a new puppy home seamless and pleasurable. Langston is such blessing to our family- thank you!"
-Valerie, MA

"I am so happy that we stumbled on the Lowchen breed! 'Brewster' is everything we wanted - cuddly, playful, smart and handsome. We are routinely stopped by strangers who want to know more about Brewster and the breed. Our daughter is usually uncomfortable with dogs and she has developed a great relationship with him. He follows her cues and she showers him with treats. Thank you for all of your guidance and especially for our beloved Brewster. He is a gem!!" "Ajjie (Aerjabet) is such an Angel! We are so in love with her! And, she loves us back with remarkable affection! Everywhere we go people are drawn to Ajjie's beauty and personality! We're forever grateful to Dayle and Mark for dedicating their lives to breeding, nurturing & loving these exceptional award winning Lowchen."
-Ron and Joy, NY -Frannie, Alan & Ajjie, PA

"Thanks again for the great work you do. I am certain that I speak on behalf of all - We love our Lowchen!!"
-Susan, MN

"Thank you so much for "Luna".
She is so sweet and we fell instantly in love with her."
"Cleo has stolen our hearts. I can hardly bear to be separated from her.
She couldn't be more loved. The kids are over the moon for her. She is so special."
-Lisa, NJ -Patty, TX

"We feel so fortunate to have found Marday Lowchen and Dayle while searching for our puppy. Her holistic approach and attention to socializing her puppies was just what we were hoping to find in a breeder . Our Lowchen, Buddha, is a joyful, lively and wonderful companion both at home and on the many outings and vacations that we have shared with him by our side. We have enjoyed keeping in touch with Dayle as Buddha grows, sending regular updates and photos. It is reassuring to know that she is always enthusiastic about her dogs long after you bring your puppy home and is always there for advice and support. We give Dayle a huge thumbs up!"
-Jeff, Susan and Buddha, IL

"We could not have asked for a better addition to our family. Tovah Rose is just the dog we were searching for--incredibly well-tempered and a wonderful companion. Even our 11 year old Wheaten LOVES his little sister. Dayle is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. Her dedication to breeding well-tempered, healthy dogs is unmatched. She will answer all of your questions, be honest with you, pick the perfect puppy for you, and continue to guide you through the life of your Lowchen. We are already ready for our next Lowchen from Dayle! Every day we say: "We could not have asked for anything better." Our Tovah Rose is an absolute joy and has brought new life to our Wheaten, Asher. Thank you Marday's for blessing our lives with one of your Lowchen."
P.S. - Emily, soon after this writing, did adopt another Marday Lowchen.
"Meeting Dayle and joining the 'I love Lowchen Society' has been a wonderful experience for our family. We had never heard of the breed when we started our research. Now as a Lowchen parent, we wonder why it isn't the most popular breed in America! Dayle's commitment to breed excellence is one of the reasons we chose to work with her in finding the right puppy for our family. Lulu (our pup) has been the greatest addition to our family and really defies description. Lulu interacts great with our Tibetan and our mother's Havanese. The breed is very socialable and the personality these pups have is very uplifting. They are a joy to adopt and live with. Frankly, we are about ready to add a sibling and would only consider Marday for breeding and adoption. Thank you Dayle Lewis. Your pups are fabulous!"
-Emily, Renee, Tovah Rose, Gershwin, PA -Kurt, South Carolina

"Indy, my very own puppy for my 10th birthday. " "Spreading the joy of a Lowchen."
-Harrison, CT -Dianne, VT

-Ed and Ruth, Maryland "Three" very happy kids
-Nancy, New Jersey

"Tamarack" and her new family "We're going to be great friends." "Rosie is the perfect puppy."
-Deidre, Ontario, Canada -Joan, MI -Kelly and Josh, NYC



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