About Us

Dayle Lewis
Caledonia, NY 14423

All my Lowchen live in our home in the “Lowchen Lounge” and are considered my pets as well as show dogs. Although they are primarily indoor dogs, during good weather they spend much of their day outdoors on our spacious property breathing in the fresh country air!

My puppies are weaned onto a natural homemade diet to give them the healthiest possible start in life. The dogs are only given a minimum of necessary vaccines. All are given regular spinal adjustments by a country vet with over 40 years experience to keep them in top shape. Additionally, my husband, Mark, has learned Reikki, which we have found beneficial for my dogs.

Although Mark and I have known each other since childhood, it was our mutual love for dogs that eventually brought us together. We were married in 1995. We both grew up in dog families on the same street. Mark’s father bred and showed Irish Setters. My earliest memory was a wonderful collie my father brought home when I was six years old. In those days, there were no leash laws, and that collie followed me everywhere. There were a variety of breeds to live in both our homes as we grew up, but collies remained in my heart. When we married, Mark's dog, along with my collies, made for one big happy family. A year later Mark’s dog fell victim to cancer and thus began our journey to alternative medicines. We read and researched everything we could get our hands on. Unfortunately, we were not able to save Mark’s dog, but we had gathered enough knowledge to realize that we wanted a different lifestyle for any future dogs. A year later we purchased our first Great Dane. Given the history of a short life span for these wonderful creatures, we made the decision to raise this and any future dogs naturally and holistically. We also became captivated with showing at this time, and have been in the show ring ever since. A number of years ago I was introduced to the lively little lion dog, fell in love, and the rest is history!

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